I found the life in being with you

Let my dreams come true

How can I forget your sweet smiles

How can I be quiet when the sky cries


You use to be calm, you use to be kind

I can’t forget you,you are always in my mind


The way you laugh reaches me to sky

You are too high,tell me how to fly


You are always in my soul,you are always in my heart

Even I am no more live, even I am part by part

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jirjirake zebel

شعر قشنگی بود ٬ اميدوارم موفق باشی .


salam.bazam tashakor az inke be weblogam sar zadi(britneyspearz)


حالا اينا يعنی چی؟


That was beautiful..kheily ghashang booooood va ba mana too..movaffaghhhhhhh bashii azizُ